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Gmail Autocomplete Bug Sends Email To Unintended Recipients

Tech_News February 24, 2015

Google has acknowledged that the latest bug in Gmail is affecting the autocomplete suggestions for contacts in your TO, CC and BCC fields of email compose window.

Gmail Autocomplete Bug

If you were planning to send an email to your wife describing how you outsmarted your boss in yesterday’s all hands meeting, double-check the ‘TO’ field; for Gmail might send it to your boss! Google has said that their engineers are aware of the issue and are working on rolling out a fix as soon as possible.

The bug however is a gentle reminder to every tech user to stop taking the machines and software for granted all the time.

Typically, Gmail autocomplete suggestions would suggest you the most frequently contacted people. For example if you frequently email your friend ‘Rahul’, typing ‘Ra’ in Gmail’s mail compose window would offer suggestion for Rahul at the top.

There might be other people in your contact list with the names that start with ‘Ra’; but those won’t be suggested at the top of the suggestion list. The bug however picks any random contacts in the suggestions list and that may result into the mail being sent to unintended recipients. The gmail users should therefore be extra cautious before hitting the send button.


It’s not clear whether the issue is a global one or affecting only a small number of users in specific geography. Google’s technicians are investigating the issue and we hope that they’ll fix the bug soon. Till then, be careful while sending your emails.


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